Frequently Asked Questions


You can choose:
– Hotel 3*** with continental breakfast
– Hotel 4**** with American breakfast

In every hotel you can choose single, double or triple rooms.

Your group can have as many leaders (and parents) as you want.

If you wish, parents can be located in a separated hotel, but the booking of the group must be managed as one, from the team’s leader (including the payments).

We use more than 50 Hotels for the Gallini Cup. The name of your Hotel will be confirmed two weeks before the arrival.

It can’t be done earlier, because stage groups are played near the Hotels and they are based on many rules (1 top team in each group, at least 2 foreign teams, etc). We have to wait all payments and rooming lists, even to confirm the hotels of teams that finalized the registration way in advance.

We try to satisfy every request. All hotels of the city are booked for Gallini Cup. If you have any preferences, let us know, and we will do our best to locate your team in that hotel. 

No, at Gallini Cup we give a very big value to quality, so all our guests are hosted in 3*** and 4**** Hotels. Prices are kept competitive without compromising comfort.


At this link you can find the main rules of the tournament.

The final version will be sent to your team’s leader one month before the arrival, and again on paper at his arrival.

Matches never start before 09:30 and there are no matches after 19:00.

Every team play at least 5 matches.
Most of the teams play 6 matches.
Finalists play 7 matches.

There are never more than two matches per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

All players and staff must show their original identification documents to the referee, before each match. 
The referee will not allow anyone to take part to the match without an original identification.

The tournament list of each team can have 25 players.

Flying substitutions are not allowed.

A substituted player can’t play again in the same match. If that happens, his team loses the match 3-0. 

For additional details check the regulations.

It’s not possible to register older players, in any category.


Yes, parents can use the tournament’s buses and shuttles, but they must follow the team. We don’t manage the transfers of  parents separately.

1) Shared shuttle option (max 25 people)
The local transfers of your team will be managed with shuttles shared with other teams. The group will be driven to matches, restaurants and hotel at the times dictated by the organization. Rest breaks in the hotel after lunch and evening activities after dinner are not possible.

2) Private bus option (max 50 people including parents)
The team will have a private 50-seat bus available from morning until the evening. The driver will be always available and will satisfy any request related to schedules and routes that you will be up to you.

Both options are valid for one team only. If your Club participates with 2 categories, you will have to rent 2 buses. This must be done even if the total number of participants of your 2 teams is less then 50 people, because the matches will be in stadiums and times often not compatible;

3) Your own bus
For safety reasons, if you participate with your own bus, you must have 2 drivers included in the rooming list; this is important also because distances and times often require to start early in the morning up until the late evening. If you’ll need the organisation to take care of a transfer because your bus can’t be moved, the price is Euro 150 for one ride.
You must organize your travel plan to be able to participate to the opening ceremony and to the awards ceremony.
At the arrival in Italy you must first go to the Pordenone Exhibition Center to finalize the registration of your team and just after that you can go to the Hotel. You can’t first check-in at the Hotel.

We organize shuttle buses from the airports of Venice; the service is  included in the price for those who choose one of our transfer plans (see previous point).
We can organize also transfers from any other airports, for extra costs.

Food and meals

Protein options, good for athletes, are always in the menu. In addition, pasta, bread, rice and vegetables are “all you can eat”, so players are never hungry at Gallini Cup.

The menu includes lasagne, tortellini, gnocchi, spaghetti and all the most popular Italian dishes.

There is never a fixed menù. There are always several options to choose.

Breakfast is in the hotel. Lunch and dinner is served at Pordenone Exhibition Center, for all participants. This is an amazing additional occasion for all teams to enjoy the tournament feeling. The location is very fun, with game areas, stands, food trucks, etc.


3 meals per day are included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All meals have “all you can eat” options, to be sure nobody will ever be hungry.

On the back of each ticket meal, that every person must use to a meal, you speficy what food to avoid. The menù includes several options everyday, paying attention to all needs, tastes and religions.

Yes, at Pordenone Exhibition Center anyone can buy a ticket meal for 12 Euro.


Participants of Gallini Cup are selected.

Elite teams are hosted for free (from Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, Europa League, etc.)

Other teams might pay for accomodation, food, transfers and services, depending on their requests.

Please fill this form to get a free quotation for your team.

Registrations will be closed when the tournament is fully booked or at the latest 3 months before the tournament – on a first come first base.

You can pay a deposit to confirm your participation and hold a place for your team.

The final payment for the accomodation must be done one month before the arrival.

In every qualification group there is a top team and at least 2 international teams.

This is a list of teams that participated in the last editions.

Gallini Cup will publish the registered teams one month before the tournament.

Cancellation due to Covid-19
As happened in the previous edition, if the tournament will be cancelled because of Covid-19, all teams will be 100% refunded.
Also, if the restrictions applied to your Country won’t allow your team to come to Italy, you will be 100% refunded.

Group cancellation
The deposit is 50% refundable if you cancel by the 31st December.
The second and final payment (to be done one month before the arrival) is not refundable.
If the team doesn’t arrive in Pordenone for any reason (flight cancellation, broken bus, etc.), there will be no be refunds.

Individual cancellations
Single cancellations (sick player, last minute injuries, etc.) will be refund as follows:
– 100% refund if we will be informed at least 1 week before the arrival;
– 50% refund if we will be informed at least 48 hours before the arrival;
– no refunds for cancellations made less then 48 hours before the arrival;

We are working in the hope that the restrictions will be eliminated. Our tournaments will be held regularly in the accordance with the scientific community, the Italian Government, FIGC and FIFA.

We follow the development and if there are any new decisions or recommendations from the authorities, we will update this document.

As happened in the previous edition, if the tournament will be cancelled because of Covid-19, all teams will be 100% refunded.
Also, if the restrictions applied to your Country won’t allow your team to come to Italy, you will be 100% refunded.




In every qualification group there is a top team and at least 2 international teams.

There are 4 teams in 8 qualification groups, so 32 teams in each category.

In each qualification group there is:
– 1 top team from Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Premier League, Serie B or other European Top Leagues;
– 1 selected international football team;
– 1 good Italian or international academy (football schools, teams affiliated with Serie A Clubs, etc.);
– 1 team from Pordenone that makes its stadium available to play the qualification group;

The authorization letter must be sent to the organizators of Gallini Cup two months before the arrival of your team in Italy, or the participation may be denied.

If you come from a Country that needs a VISA to come to Italy, you must contact your embassy

Letters of invitation are issued only to registered teams (including players and leaders) not accompanying people or parents. 

The full schedule of the matches will be presented during a press conference at the City Hall, one month before the tournament. It will be live streaming on instagram and facebook.​

All teams play the group stage near their hotel. Play-off can be in other stadiums.

In case of an emergency: call 118.

All the sport centers of Gallini Cup have First Aid staff and automated external defibrillators (AED).

Gallini Cup provide a medical service everyday at Pordenone Exhibition Center, where teams eat their meals. Participants can come here for easier examinations, for free.

Our Story

Born in 1999 Gallini Cup is now the largest football tournament in Italy

Top teams

Many professional teams participate at Gallini Cup every year

Gallini players

More than 150 Gallini players reached the best European league


Gallini Cup takes place in Pordenone, a beautiful town near Venice


Details of the tournament
April 2022

Opening ceremony

The program includes a parade in the city center and a confetti show

The Party

A great gathering moment for coaches and players

Awards ceremony

All teams receive a trophy on the last day


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Tournament's rules.


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